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This initiative is a collaboration between Tempus Unity & Tempus Global Group. We are all about making you as attractive an employer as possible, and helping you to source all of the employee insurance and services that you need. In summary, we’re experts in talent acquisition and retention, employee benefits and associated services and reinsurance in Africa.


That you like us so much, you want to keep working with us. That you recommend us to others. That we genuinely make a difference to your success and goals as a business.


Ethics: An ethical approach in all situations and respect for our clients, our staff and the environment

Meritocracy: Recognising and rewarding the performance of our staff and their contribution to Tempus.

Proactive attitude: Working through the details of the ideal solution, agreeing it collaboratively and then making it happen.

Focus on results: Understanding our clients’ challenges and goals so we can help them get the results that they want

Applied intelligence: Employing all of our knowledge, experience and contacts on our clients’ behalf

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