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Our Employer benchmarking surveys give a clear and objective picture of how organisations operating in a particular country compare to similar companies across a number of specific criteria. Our suite of surveys provide an in-depth look at the following employer performance areas:


This includes guaranteed pay, variable pay, salary competitiveness, health insurance, pension fund, investment plan (acquisition of company shares), life insurance, disability insurance, burial insurance etc.


This includes paid time off, company car, fuel, food, discounts for sports clubs or gyms, reimbursement for transport and expenses, discounts for the purchase of equipment, education programs for children of school age, daycare, etc.

Work environment

This includes workspace planning, office ergonomics, ways to recognise employee performance and positive behaviours which are aligned to company values. How to approach and solve performance issues and absenteeism, maintain strong internal communications, agree decision making autonomy etc.

Company culture

This includes the best ways to communicate the company mission, strategy, values and goals to employees. Policies and examples around what deal behaviour looks like when it comes to working with customers, partners and each other. How to maintain team spirit. How to be a proactive and conscientious corporate citizen when it comes to sustainability topics and actions.

Local cost of living

This involves gathering data on the local cost of living for things like housing, rent, transport costs, food, utilities and schooling, in a particular country or region. Helping companies understand what level of compensation and benefits would be appropriate for staff working in that location. Or to plan their costs, if they’re considering setting up an operational base in that country.

Career planning

This includes succession and career planning, learning and development programmes; access to internal and external courses, leadership training; job stability, space for growth, mentoring and professional coaching programs.

We’ll work with you to discuss which topics are most relevant for your business, to develop the package of surveys that best meets your needs.

Collective data is anonymised

Data is kept confidential

All data provided is fully protected and confidential. Full details are available to Tempus only and are not shared with any third parties. Neither the person providing the data nor the company they represent is identifiable as all collective data is anonymised before being shared with clients taking part in our surveys.

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