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Creating a competitive employee benefits package

Set yourself up to succeed

The success of your business depends on attracting staff with the right skills and keeping them longer term so that you can reap the benefits of their experience of your company and industry. It’s far more efficient to keep experienced staff, with all the historical knowledge they have of your business, processes, propositions, market and clients than to have to hire and train brand new people.

Employees will look for a employer with a highly competitive benefits package, a strong learning and development programme and the opportunity to build a long term career. Somewhere they can continue to learn, grow their skills and be challenged.

Assess, adapt and enhance

Our benchmarking data allows your HR team to

  • Quickly and easily compare their current employee benefits and salary packages with similar companies in the same country
  • Develop effective plans for benefit improvements if needed
  • Adopt best practices or adapt current practices to increase staff performance
  • Attract new talent to your organisation
  • Keep the talent, experience and expertise of existing staff through strong learning and development programmes and career building opportunities
  • Highlight to new recruits, investors, sponsors, donors and customers the importance you place on employee welfare

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