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Reviews from companies taking part in our Employee Benefits and Human Capital Management National Survey

Benchmarking Clients


Domingos Arouca

Cargo: HR & CCPA Nestle East & Southern Africa Region

“This tool was very needed in the market…” “…the data in the survey covers the needs of the new generation and the old generation” “…decisions and that guarantee a promising future for our companies..”

Palmira Mucavele

HR Director and Administration at Goodbye Malaria Foundation (NGO)

“…will help organisations to have concrete data to allow improvement of their company benefits..” “…it is an awakening for all NGOs, all private companies, all the public sector..” 

Mónica Macamo

HR Director Standard Bank

“…a point of reference for everyone, not just managers or leaders in the area of people management, but for all decision-makers…” “…can use this information to make better decisions about people…”

Luís Rendall

BD Manager at The Global Edge Consultants

“…a pioneer activity in the market. All good HR professionals need to know these results…” “…to know how the market is evolving in terms of benefits, talent attraction…”

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