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How far you want to take this, on your journey towards becoming an exceptional employer, is completely up to you. You can choose to complete the surveys, benchmark your employer performance, review the results and take time to think about what further steps you want to take. Or, after you’ve received your survey results you can choose to work with us to put an action plan in place to improve your employee offering. Or, you can take things to the ultimate next step, depending on your readiness, and apply to become an Elite Employer. Our employer benchmarking is designed for small to large companies, IGOs and NGOs. Wherever you are in your journey and whatever your longer term vision, we’ll support and guide you at each stage.

Applying for accreditation to the Elite Employer award involves a factual and comprehensive scoring system based on survey responses. The scoring system is based around five pillars: Compensation & Cover, Employee Benefits, Work Environment, Career Opportunities and Company Culture

There are just three simple steps to apply to become an Elite Employer:

Step 1:

Complete the Employee Benefits and Human Capital Survey.

Step 2:

Receive your company’s results and analysis report. You’ll be able to see exactly how your results compare to those of similar companies in your sector and country.

Step 3:

If you meet the award criteria, you’ll receive accreditation as an Elite Employer. This includes an invitation to the annual awards dinner where award winners are recognised and celebrated for their ongoing focus on their staff. It also includes full use of the Elite Employer brand and logo in your internal and external company materials.

If you don’t qualify just yet, but would like to work towards accreditation, we can provide guidance and support on which areas to work on.

Together we can develop an action plan based on the insights received through your survey results.

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